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Developing the sport is one of the central responsibilities of any International Federation. Indeed, spreading their sport to new regions and strengthening it in existing regions is often one of the primary objectives for federations.

However, to turn such objectives into reality often requires many resources, which are often limited for IFs. Furthermore, such development often requires the support of external parties, notably cities that play host to events and offer programmes and encourage sporting activity.

The question that remains, however, is whether IFs can view these cities as partners for development, as opposed to targets? How can IFs work together with cities to ensure that they are part of the process for development, as opposed to the end goal?

This seminar will explore the concept of IFs truly engaging in a sustainable partnership with different cities, that is mutually beneficial for both in the long-term. It will look at previous strategies adopted by IFs and cities alike in engaging with one another, and consider the key learning points, both positive and negative, from these experiences.

Speakers will include Olivier Mutter from the University of Lausanne.