The Olympic Capital Team

The Olympic Capital Team

The Olympic Capital team is made up of representatives from both the City of Lausanne and the Canton de Vaud. Together, this team drives forward the Olympic Capital brand and assists all the sports organisations and stakeholders based here in reaching their goals and objectives. The Olympic Capital team is permanently available for any support or questions you may have.

Team Canton de Vaud:
  • Nicolas Imhof, Head of Sport
  • Cosima Deluermoz, International Sport Relations
  • Valérie Galimberti, International Sport Relations Assistant
Team Lausanne:
  • Patrice Iseli, Head of Sport
  • Sabrina Attias, International Sport Relations
  • Danielle Honegger, Project Manager

The Olympic Capital is always available to answer your queries and help solve your problems.

We have a team of experts that are totally dedicated to the servicing of international sports organisations. We are leading specialists in international sports administration and the details of life here for organisations and individuals. Get in touch with one of our dedicated staff below today to find out how the Olympic Capital can help your organisation move forward.

The City of Lausanne

Sabrina Attias
International sport relations

Ville de Lausanne
Service des Sports
Ch. des Grandes-Roches 10
1018 Lausanne

Tel. : +41 21 315 42 15
Fax : +41 21 601 79 23

The Canton de Vaud

Cosima Deluermoz
International sport relations

Etat de Vaud, Département de l’Economie et du sport
Service de l'éducation physique et du sport
Ch. de Maillefer 35
1014 Lausanne

Tel. : +41 21 316 39 37
Fax : +41 21 316 39 48

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