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Sport Future rendez-vous 2017

Sport Future rendez-vous 2017

Organised by University of Lausanne and ThinkSport

  • A place for open discussions on current and future issues in sport
  • An opportunity for useful networking in the Olympic Capital City
  • Open to all


Tuesday 9th May 2017

The digital revolution has brought us e-sports, social media, big data, virtual reality, and cloud technology – all of which are now used regularly to transform sport performance, enhance the running of organisations, and improve spectator and fan involvement. This session looks at how sport gov- erning bodies are impacted and challenged (even disrupted) by these technological innovations.


Wednesday 10 May 2017

In an attempt to define a new sportsmanship for the 21st century, this session confronts the integ- rity issue. How can the many positive elements of sport - education, health, development, interac- tion, integration – better contend with the more negative aspects that frequently make news head- lines – doping, match-fixing, illegal betting, corruption, violence, gigantism, etc.?

Métro M1 UNIL-Mouline or TL bus 31 (no parking available on site)
Cost : Fr. 150.– and registration before 9th April 2017.

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